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A Place to Connect - Commit - Act

The Forum Is a site for people who wish to do something, about something.  It doesn’t matter what condition you wish to improve, only that you identify it, accept the fact that you can create change, and take action to this end. Here’s how. Read our Stories; Share your Own. Our goal is to facilitate action by providing a site where people can connect with others and share stories of personal commitment and all ..  Learn More

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A Call to Action

Updated: May 27, 2023

The Forum is an interactive site that speaks to the concepts of connecting with others, commitment to yourself, and taking action. What does this mean? And is the subject important enough for one to pause and consider this question, as well as the larger one: Why is this of concern now?

What does this mean?

The three imperatives—Connect-Commit-Act—form a process for moving from inactivity to participation. The initial step is to identify your purpose. This awareness is the discovery of that one thing you honestly and deeply want to do. This is quite personal, yet the procedure is facilitated by joining with others who are seeking the same understanding. Commitment is simply the acceptance of your goal—the replacement of “I’d like to, but…” with, “Let something else besides myself stop me.” Action is allowing the new resolve to take a deep breath, followed by a first step.

Why is this important now?

In his seminal book, “The Fool’s Progress” author Edward Abbey’s protagonist, Henry Lightcap, says, “Why work at a job I don’t like, to live a life I don’t like?” Many people, worldwide, are living a life they don’t like. I speak here of the undeniable changes in our planet. We are running out of directions to face in order to turn our heads away. Warfare, loss of faith in leadership, estrangement from fellow citizens, and a fixation on blame and retaliation have left us isolated, angry, and fearful—paralyzed and without hope. There is much at stake, and people who see their part in a return to the concept of cooperation—no matter what positive form that takes—are in great demand.

What you can do? Plenty. Join us here to connect and listen to what others are doing. Make comments and add your own ideas. Do in fact commit—to pursuing whatever positive activity feels just right. Then take the first step toward making that commitment a reality. Many of you will volunteer, join organizations, start a group, write a book and so much more. But all centers on how you feel, on knowing you can do whatever you want, and by doing so you will have changed the situation—beginning by changing yourself. When you decline to believe there is “nothing you can do” and deny the many aspects that have so many people isolated and paralyzed, you soon realize no matter what you do—if you are following your purpose—you have changed everything. The exciting facet of all this is the fact that you can’t know where it will lead. Minds change when they together define a problem and together seek solutions. Amazing things happen. Reward arrives in forms far more valuable than dollars. I am reminded here of the three-year joint Soviet/American documentary film series I first thought of in my driveway—films about misunderstanding and possibility—and laughed at myself. Years later while filming our third episode, a Romanian man came to our table in a Russian nightclub and said, “Are you the guys making those films?” I answered yes. “Keep making them,” he said, “The world needs them right now.”

The world needs us all again, right now. Read the Forum stories and consider those who have done what they had to do, and what they found waiting for them throughout the process and at the end: a life they liked to live. Contribute your own story that relates positively to our shared goals: what you’ve accomplished where you once doubted yourself; how you got yourself to take the first step; your thoughts on how Americans can pull through this dark period. We encourage you to submit these stories for our review, to like our site, comment, subscribe, and share with your friends. Participate, and together we will grow.

Stanley W. Odle

April 2023

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