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An essay on volunteerism and its consequences—The Middle of Impossibility—is complete at 7900 words and available for publishing

With interviews and photographs from a remote wildlife sanctuary in the desert of central New Mexico, staffed entirely by volunteers, this work explores the reasons that motivate a very few to give their time away. There are unexpected rewards. Inquire


In Search Of a Soldier

In Search of a Soldier (in progress) is a work of creative non-fiction. The novel follows a man’s journey in search of his uncle, a soldier who was killed during the Second World War. The course tracks throughout the United States to the officers and men who knew the Armenian soldier. It leads to the D Day beaches, through Europe, and finally to a quiet cemetery in Holland. There is real magic along the way, and a surprise in what the search finally reveals.


"The fog is heavier by the water, and the path, the bushes, everything, is becoming gray. I walk towards surf I can only hear. It is a long way, but at once the panorama of the sea opens and I wonder at the apparition of Overlord. The fog compresses the world, until sand and ocean fill it entirely. What, I wonder, happened here, here, where I am standing?"


The Forum

The Forum is a place to identify your purpose and take a first step.  It is a place for participation.  It is also a site to discuss the frustration, lack of hope, anger, and paralysis of action that is the pandemic currently enveloping so many of our fellow Americans. It is perhaps a homebase from which to work toward answering the only question that really matters: “What am I going to do about it?” 


The answers to this seemingly simple question exist, and lie waiting within the stories that are beginning to gather here. These stories are positive and constructive, courageous, honest, true, and often bold.  Many begin with a first discovery: that while destinations and routes will differ, the individual is truly free to take the first step toward making something happen.

Enter The Forum


The Chaperone

The Chaperone, a novel with a companion screenplay, is a work in progress. It is the troubled story of respectable Daniel Carpenter, an attorney and soccer coach. Mr. Carpenter is a husband and father of sixteen year-old Jenna, whose team he has forcefully lead to four consecutive championship seasons. His post-game parties are unrivaled. He is also entirely alone: unloving and unlovable. The story follows his painful attempts at a normal relationship with Jenna, and the increasingly darker places his failures lead.

"At half-time, trailing for the first time this year, Daniel Carpenter motioned for his players to follow him. He led his soccer team down a narrow dirt walking trail into the dying woods that surrounded the cold playfield. He indicated where they should sit, and for a long time stared at the littered ground. He knew the girls would not speak, or even move. He raised his head and looked someplace beyond them and spoke for the first time since they had left the field."

" Life's work, if allowed, follows life's purpose. Forms change, but inclination endures—clear and insistent. I must speak to the human condition: what is happening, why, and what we can do... "
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