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The Homeland Project was a five-year television series produced jointly with the Soviet Union and broadcast globally across 22 time zones on The Discovery Channel, PBS, and Soviet National Channel 1, as well as throughout Europe and other countries. This first-time broadcast of a program on both Discovery Channel and PBS achieved a global viewership exceeding 150 million. 

  • “The series holds the promise of promoting a better understanding of both our cultures through the discoveries and experiences of the two producers, Stanley Odle and Alexander Andreev. The spirit of collaboration exhibited between the producers and their crew, exemplifies what we think is possible between citizens of our two great countries. We at The Discovery Channel are proud to be a part of this insightful and thought-provoking series.”

    John S Hendricks, Chairman and CEO; Ruth L. Otte, President and COO, The Discovery Channel.

  • “The Homeland series represents a thorough, comprehensive and creative approach to the mutual understanding and betterment of relations between our two great nations. Your development of an international crew to film episodes in both countries and to offer their single version to world-wide audiences presents a unique format of valid, accurate yet emotionally provocative journalism.

    Armen Medvedev, 1st Deputy Minister, State film, Goskino, USSR.

  • “The Homeland Project is a singular initiative which establishes a new and unequalled precedent for television programming through the development of issues from an international perspective.”

    Burnill F. Clark, President & CEO, KCTS Television, PBS.

  • “I have been a strong supporter of The Homeland Project....I feel with this third episode…the series has reached an even greater level of global communication. The film-makers bring passion and, at the same time, journalistic astuteness to this series.”

    Ralph Munro, Secretary of State, Washington State.

  • “After watching the latest edition of “Homeland,” I am moved to write and offer my congratulations for having produced another superb hour of television. Stan, I hold this project in the highest regard.”

    Gregory B. Moyer, Senior Vice President, Programming Group, The Discovery Channel.

" We cannot know who has heard—who has closed their eyes and said, 'Perhaps so...' But recognition gives us hope that someone has. "
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