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editing services

Who Will Work With You and Why:


One person: Stanley Odle. Stanley is highly motivated to work with a few writers who have something they must say, and who recognize the fact that editing is a necessary an anticipated aspect of the writing process. With national and international experience in documentary film work with the Soviet Union and other countries; with creating and producing television programming aired world-wide; with producing, writing, and editing award winning projects; with formal graduate-level literary degrees and honour society memberships, and with years of college level writing and screenwriting instruction, Stanley Odle is singularly qualified to offer valuable conceptual and technical insight to the serious writer. Qualifications also include diverse life’s experience that Odle incorporates into his writing and editing support. Stanley remains involved with communication through on-going journalistic pieces, short stories, novel length fiction and creative non-fiction.

What You Will Get:


Collaboration with other writers may take place in either literary or screenplay format. Literary format will include all aspects of good writing, from concept, voice, point of view and authority through sentence structure, repetition, and brevity to the dynamic of scene-action-dialogue…and everything along the way. The goal is sound work that is publishable. Screenwriting assistance includes everything from plot and acts through trial and failure to the discovery scene. Again, the goal is a well-constructed and marketable project. Suggestions will be offered as line correction and summary, and will not be grammar intensive.

You will be working with only me, and as I will be working with just one or two writers at a time, you will get my best. My intention will be to come to know and appreciate your story, and help you to tell it. But, it will remain your story.My editing focus will remain on first defining and developing the motive/purpose of the writer and the story. I will want to know what you are trying to say, and to whom. By identifying these key elements we can look at how to best tell the story, and then develop the technical aspects that support literary writing or writing for the screen. Please remember that I want to work with people who have something powerful to say, indeed something that they must say, and see writing as a vehicle for this communication.

Note: Writers of literary work may choose to consider the powerful elements of screen-writing for incorporation into their novel or short story writing, thereby creating a product with a uniquely dynamic nature.


  • Where, When, How We Work Together: Assistance is available through on-line submission, or by regular mail, beginning in January, 2011. We can work with many Microsoft Word programs.

  • Confidentiality: Our relationship is private and your work will never be shared. If I consider it valuable for another author to review a passage of your manuscript, I will ask for your express permission.Again, without this no one will ever see your material.

  • Cost: Cost will reflect the level of collaboration, and will typically run between $3.75 and $4.75 per 300 word page. Fees will be payable on an agreed upon schedule through on-line sources.

  • Application: Writers may use the contact page to begin the process. If we both feel there is value in working together, further discussions will follow and an individual program will be established.

Stanley Odle has realized a full and diverse life of communication: as a writer, producer, documentarian, student and teacher.


He is now offering his experience to fellow writers through technical assistance and on-going support. This may be realized via email or by way of standard post. Odle believes that powerful and motivated writing in all formats is essential now—especially now—and is worthy of support. Costs reflect the levels of commitment and involvement. Application is simple.    

" A writer's productivity moves in clear accord with the supporting of others... in their need to define a purpose, and with the demanding tasks of technique that must follow. There is abundant reward. "
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